RYA Push the Boat Out — May 14th

RYA Push the Boat Out

Llandudno Sailing Club welcomes everyone to this years Push The Boat Out on the 14th May.

Push the Boat out is a country wide open day! Sailing clubs all over the country open their doors and get people out on the water. Llandudno are holding theirs on the first day of the two week programme on the 14th May!

If you are already a member then this is the day for boys and girl’s, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts to come and see what it is you do every week! I’m sure they will enjoy it!

If you have never sailed before then why not come and have a go, come and meet our members, see our clubhouse and jump on the water with our experienced instructors. If your family and friends are not quite ready to jump on the water with you then they are moor than welcome to grab a drink from our bar and watch you from the best view in the bay from our club balcony!

We will also be having a BBQ at 4pm to finish off the day!


If you have any questions please contact – training@llandudno-sailing.com

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