Results 2019

Race/Series Name (full results link) Results
Shakedown Race 1st Mark Jackson  (Laser)
2nd John Brown  (Supernova)
3rd Kevin Parvin  (Supernova)
1st Out Trophy 1st Kevin Parvin  (Supernova)
2nd John Brown (Supernova)
3rd Mark Jackson  (Laser)
Easter Tankard 1st John Brown (Supernova)
2nd Carl Jones & Joe Shelley (Scorpion)
3rd Liam Farrell (RS Tera Pro)
Salisbury Series In progress
Chamber of Trade In Progress
Boucher Trophy 1st Rob Davies (Laser)
2nd John Brown (Supernova)
3rd Peter Fisk (Solutions)
Mid-Summer Trophy 1st Kevin Parvin  (Supernova)
2nd Eddie Farrell (RS Areo)
3rd Mark Jaggers  (GP14)
Pete&Mark’s Series In Progress
Williams Series In progress
Paul Moreton Trophy
August Bank Holiday Series
Hotels Trophy
St Georges Hotel Trophy 1st Kevin Parvin (Sprint 15)
2nd Carl & Shellie Jones (Scorpion)
3rd Eddie & Kevin Farrell (29r)
Winfield Trophy
Constable Trophy
Grand Hotel Trophy 1st Kevin Parvin (Supernova)
2nd Andy Bluff & mark Jaggers (GP14)
3rd Edward Hillier (Laser)
Almost to Rhos Dash 1st Kevin Parvin  (Sprint-15)
2nd Ewan Luke/Eddie Farrell (29er)
3rd John Brown  (Supernova)