Sailing Instructions

1 Rules

1.1 Racing will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the RYA, the rules of the appropriate classes, except as any of these are changed by these sailing instructions, and by these sailing instructions.

1.2 The Sailing Committee of Llandudno Sailing Club shall be the Race Committee.

2 Entries

2.1 Conditions of Entry The race organisers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury caused to the owner/competitor, his skipper or crew, as a result of them taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner/competitor warrants the suitability of his yacht for the race or races.

2.2 All boat owners must be covered by third party insurance to the sum of at least £3,000,000.

2.3 Only fully paid up Full or Cadet members of the Club are eligible to win Club Trophies.

2.4 Adequate personal buoyancy for all competitors shall be worn in the boat at all times. Wet or dry suits do not constitute adequate buoyancy. This alters rule 40 and Race Signals Flag ‘Y’.

2.5 All boats are strongly recommended to carry an anchor and warp.

2.6 Signing on. All competitors shall signify their intention to race by signing the Race Sheet on the day of the race. If any competitor does not sign the sheet, they have a duty to inform the Race Officer on the water that they are competing. The Race sheet will be located with the Race Officer.

2.7 Boucher, Hayton and Constable Races; Boats with a PY of 1150 or less will be eligible to enter, all entries will be subject to the approval of the Sailing Committee quorum on the day. There should be a minimum of 10 entries and TWO safety boats on the water.

3 Notices to Competitors

3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the Sailing Notice Board located in the Clubhouse.

4 Changes in Sailing Instructions

4.1 Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted on the Sailing Notice Board as early as possible before the race.

5 Signals Made Ashore

5.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed on the Promenade Flagpole.

6 Schedule of Races

6.1 The schedule of races is as published in the Sailing Programme. If Trophy races have to be postponed, the will be rescheduled by the sailing committee and could be alongside scheduled Series Races.

7 Class Flags

7.1 Class flags will be: All fleets starting together – Flag ‘Y’

8 Racing Area

8.1 The racing area will be in the general confines of Llandudno Bay, except for the Boucher, Hayton and Constable races.

9 The Course

9.1 The course will be the course as detailed on the Course Cards (using numbered course identification boards) or as directed by the Race Officer. The Course Cards indicate a PORT hand course, if a STARBORD hand course is required then a GREEN flag will fly.

9.2 The first and subsequent rounds will commence at the start line.

10 Marks

10.1 The ‘R’ is a Red Flag, ‘W’ is a White flag, ‘B’ is a Blue Flag and ‘G’ is a Green flag on Dan buoys. The Limit mark is a White Sphere.

11 The Start

11.1 Starting will usually be from a Committee boat and SI

11.3(a) shall apply. At other times the shore start line will be used and SI

11.3(b) shall apply. 11.2 Races will be started in accordance with The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Rule 26.

11.3 (a) Sea start line – between the mast on the Committee boat and the Limit mark (b) Shore start – The starting line will be between the Promenade flagpole and the Limit mark.

12 The Finish

12.1 The finishing line will be between the Committee boat mast and the Limit mark, except when a boat is anchored off a mark of the course, when the finishing line will be between the mast of the boat or a staff, and the nearby rounding mark, or between the Promenade flagpole and the Limit mark.

12.2 The race will be finished by flying a blue flag from the relevant mast (as indicated in 11.3) or a staff, accompanied by two sound signals. At the discretion of the race officer, they may finish a boat without flying a blue flag.

13 Time Limit

13.1 The time limit for the first boat to finish will be approximately 50 minutes when more than one race is sailed back-to-back. The time limit for the Boucher, Hayton and Constable Trophy races will be 4 hrs.

13.2 At the Race Officers discretion, the time limit may be reduced or extended.

14 Protests

14.1 Protestor needs to inform the following persons within ONE hour of the finish of the last race of the day that they intend to protest; R.O, Sailing Captain, Race Manager, Protestee. Protests shall be fully completed on protest forms available from the Race Officer and delivered to Race Officer or placed on the Notice Board within 24 hours of the finish of the last race of the day.

15 Scoring

15.1 Race finishing positions will be based on average lap times. In the event of a race being ‘Abandoned’, provided all entrants have completed one lap, a result will be taken using average lap times.

15.2 Appendix 1 scoring will apply except for the Club Championships, when a DNC will score points equivalent to the maximum number of sailors competing in any one race +1. The number of races constituting a series is as published in the Programme of Races.

15.3 Discards in Series racing and Club Championships is 1 in 4.

15.4 In series racing, a Duty Officer or Rescue Crew helmsman completing a scheduled duty period shall score points equal to third place, providing he completes at least one other race in that series.