RaceReport 13th Aug

Much lighter winds greeted the Llandudno sailors last Sunday for the next round of races in the Williams Series. Judging tide and the shifting wind was therefore going to be critical for any success.


The first race was a close run affair with Paul Moreton returning to form and showing the rest of the fleet how to deal with the technical conditions. Kevin Parvin hung on close to Paul’s wake in order to secure second. Stiff competition for third further back in the fleet was finally determined by handicap adjustments with Kevin & Liam Farrell in the RS Feva sneaking ahead of the battling Lasers of Joe Shelly, John Brown and Mark Jackson.

The second race was all about falling wind strength and how many laps were completed within the allotted racing time. Kevin Parvin and Paul Moreton’s average lap times increased significantly on their final lap allowing Kevin and Liam to snatch first place as they competed their racing prior to the wind dropping. Sometimes, even being able to master most conditions isn’t enough to summon up enough boat speed with a dying wind!

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