NRO – Paul Moreton


Joined the club in 1965 as a junior, had numerous posts culminating in the first junior to come through the ranks to become Commodore in 1997-2000 and again in 2007-9.

Sailed a variety of boats, including the OK, Fireball, 505, Laser 3000, Solo, GP14 and is currently racing the Laser.

Became a National Race Officer in 2005 and has officiated as principal race officer in numerous Nationals for the following classes: Topper (record entry in 2010 of 370 boats), 420, Phantom, Albacore, GP14, 29ER, 49ER, Supernova and Mirror.

Also is the clubs principal powerboat instructor, overseeing the training of the safety boat crews.

Paul in his spare time is a deputy launching authority for the Llandudno Lifeboat.