Membership Fees

The different classes of membership and yearly subscription are shown below for 2016.

Membership Form
(All classes of membership)

Member Class Notes Yearly
Full Single Any person over the age of 18.
Carries one vote .
Full Family Husband /Wife/ Partner and any of their children who are under the age of 18.
Carries two votes
Associate Membership Husband /Wife /Partner and any of their children who are under the age of 18 and whose requirements are of a purely social nature and who will not be eligible to win any of the club’s awards.
Carries NO voting rights .
Trainee Family Trainee Family membership is a discounted membership scheme offered to new members joining through the Junior Training Programme.  It includes up to two adults and any of their children provided that one of the children is participating in the Sailing Training Programme.  It will only apply as long as the child/children continues to attend the Sail Training courses, otherwise the family will be deemed to be in the category of ‘Full Family’.Carries NO voting rights. £60.00
Full Single (U18) Any person aged 14 to 18 whose parents are notmembers of the Club and therefore cannot be covered under a Family Membership . £80.00
Temporary Any person wishing to use the facilities of the Club on a temporary basis. For a period net exceeding 3 weeks. Includes boat park fee. £25 per week

Dinghy Park Fees

Multi-hull Boat £90.00 p.a.
Mono-hull Boat £60.00 p.a.
These boat park fees are subject to a maximum of £150 per family
Associate members do not have access to a place in the Dinghy Park.
Trailers can only be accommodated in the Dinghy Park if under a boat.

Contact the Membership Secretary;

Mags Farrell