Boucher Trophy 2018

‘There was more than the usual buzz of excitement at the sailing club on Sunday due to the weather conditions being suitable for annual Boucher Trophy. This single race challenge consists of a straight race from the Llandudno slip way to Rhos on Sea harbour mouth and back.

The prevailing weather conditions seemed to imply that tactics would consist of a simple running downwind, around the Little Orme, to Rhos and then beating into the wind on the return leg finish line.

Well, the race may have started with this plan being executed by all the competitors, however, by the time the fleet had reached Angel Bay it soon become apparent that the weather had different ideas. The wind shifted around the Orme and the sailors were left with a lengthy beat to Rhos Bay.

At this half way point the Scorpion sailors were setting the pace, closely followed by Rob Davies in his Laser. Kevin Parvin nearly sneaked through into third, however, a sudden detour was needed to ensure that he passed the Rhos wreck buoy to port. The fleet safely completed the outward leg, all in good time.

Unfortunately, the return leg became difficult to gauge as the wind died inshore. Those sailors who had read the condition most effectively on the outward leg benefited most. The Scorpions simply ran away from the rest of the fleet by sailing further out to sea as compared to those who had sought assistance from the stronger tides inshore without realising any wind had evaporated.

Carl Jones and Shellie Jones built an unassailable lead with the only challenge coming from Richard Jones in the second Scorpion. A simple and straight forward family one, two result some 50 minutes ahead of the next boat to cross the line.

Eddie Farrell succeeded in pipping Kevin Parvin to third, a great result for Eddie completing in this trophy for the first time. The rest of the fleet finally crossed the line with some motorised assistance being required by a couple of boats. Sadly, Rob Davies seemed to fair worst in the flicked conditions dropping from a healthy third place at the half way point to a very wooden spoon position at the end.

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