REMINDER: Wales Rally 2019 and Llandudno Sailing Club.

The work for the rally will commence on the 19th September and be finished and cleared by 10th October. On 19th October a lockable compound will be erected on the promenade to contain members boats currently in the boat park who’s owners wish to continue to sailing between these dates, although this will be through all the mayhem of the Wales Rally on the promenade. These owners can move their boats themselves, or the contractors will do it for them. Owners who do not wish to sail whose boats are in the boat park can move their boats to a locked compound on Bodafon Field, or again, the contractors will do this for them. ‘Tie downs’ will be available at both locations. There will a LLSC work parties on 21st and 22nd September to move boats, and the contractors will provide skips giving us the long awaited opportunity to clear the years of accumulation of ‘debris’ in the boat park. The boat park will be completely cleared, the hedge will be trimmed and the fence will be removed. The boat park will then be rolled, flattened and a membrane laid and covered with stone.  The Citroen Rally team enclosure will cover the whole of the LLSC boat park and car park. There will be no access to these areas between the dates given, although there will be pedestrian access to the Club building. At the end of the event, the contractors will remove the stone and membrane, unless there are areas that we wish to retain. The contractors will place weights and taught chain runs down each side of the boat-park for the future tie down of boats. The gates and fence will be replaced with a secure, but removable fence, in preparation for the site being used in future years. The boats can then be returned to the boat park, again, by the owners, or by the contractors.

Please note that during the dates given, there will be no access either to the boat park or car park (and therefore – no parking) but there will be pedestrian access to the Club building.

The Club has worked closely with the rally organisers and we will continue to work with them throughout the event, especially following the Rally during works to re-instate the boat-park.

There are details to be finalised, and we will keep everyone informed of any developments but would ask for your attendance and help for the work parties on 21st and 22nd of September.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Richard Horovitz

  1. 07450257555
  2.  01492440625

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